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I am doing a project which use Google Maps. The project requires to give all locations for a address string.

Eg:- barbeque nation bangalore should display all the barbeque nations in Bangalore using overlays. This query is supposed to return 3 places as there are 3 barbeque nations in Bangalore, but it is returning 2 places only. In some other query strings also it is not listing all the places actually present. But when I use Google Maps from the browser I am getting all the results.

I am using getFromLocationName to get the locations. Following is the code snippet:

public static List<Address> lstFoundAddresses;  
String addressInput = address.getText().toString();
lstFoundAddresses = gc.getFromLocationName(addressInput, 20); 
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try to use Google places GeoCoder will only give area. –  Animesh Sinha Sep 11 '12 at 15:40

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