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Is there a way that I can tell backbone/marionette not to automatically add a the wrapping container tag when rendering a view to a region?

For example, lets say I want to display a list of items. The way I want to do that is by having one composite view looking looks this:


And then a item view that looks like this:

<li><%= title %></li>

Now I can easily get the same output by changing what the tag used for the auto generated element is however the biggest reason I would not have the tag automatically generated by backbone/marionette is because I want to keep as much html in the template as possible. If for whatever reason I want to change the list to a table, if all the HTML is contained in templates, I only have to change the two template files. The other way would require me to change 2 template files and 2 javascript files (less file I have to change to make a change, the less chance for error). I just like to have that level of separation of concern.

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Neither Backbone nor Marionette have built in support for this. But I imagine if you could get this behaviour with a few tweaks.

Backbone.View has a method called _ensureElement that constructs the el from tagName and className if the el is not provided.

You could override _ensureElement to render the template first an then use it's first tag name as the tagName for the view. You'd also need to override Marionette.Renderer.render to strip the template's outer tag.

There maybe a better choice of methods to override to achieve this logic. I would also advise that you provide a flag somewhere to turn this behaviour on selectively so you could mix and match as needed, which would also help in debugging.

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