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I was having a problem with the script that creates my installer for macosx not working and I discovered it was because it was creating a folder called /Volumes/myinstaller 1 instead of /Volumes/myinstaller. While investigating this issue I found that I have a hidden volume called /Volumes/myinstaller with all the relevant files inside but I cannot rmdir the directory because it contains many layers of files. Is there someway to eject a hidden volume through the terminal or to see the hidden volume in the finder?

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does the command umount /Volumes/myinstaller\ 1 works (maybe with sudo) ? – ThibThib Aug 5 '09 at 21:15
It says its not currently mounted – Mike2012 Aug 5 '09 at 21:17

In general, to dismount volumes, hidden or otherwise, you want to use diskutil unmount (or hdiutil detach) and not umount, thanks to OSX's diskarbitrationd:

$ sudo umount /Volumes/NAME/
umount: unmount(/Volumes/NAME): Resource busy
$ diskutil unmount /Volumes/NAME/
Volume NAME  on disk3s1 unmounted

It is also possible to use diskutil to return information about mounted volumes in a structured way (a plist) for scripting. See the man pages for diskutil and hdiutil for more info.

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Heh heh rm -r worked. Oh well duh.

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