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I read this question: how to get coordinates of a polygon in OpenLayers

Where the person appears to have found the answer, yet that documentation is weak at best. I am doing pretty much the same thing, using that example and working into an application. I need to grab the points from a polygon/box/point. I don't see anywhere in the code where vector.features.geometry.vertices would be useful as I am not using any of the geometry class. I just get the error of unable to find geometry.

Maybe I am using it wrong and I have no idea as there are really no examples for this but any help would be appreciated.

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Shortly after posting it I stumbled upon this great example.

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How do you get that on a map? – Greg Jul 31 '14 at 14:13
Updated link for future devs: – Paul Totzke Mar 28 at 20:22

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