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Does the Confluence wiki XML RPC API provide a system or system.list method or some other method to programmatically list what methods are available via the XMLRPC interface?


auggy@stinkycheese ~ > xml-rpc-api2txt
An error occurred while trying to talk to the XML-RPC server:

Fault returned from XML RPC Server, fault code 0: java.lang.Exception: RPC handler object "system" not found and no default handler registered
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There's no reflection in the Confluence XML-RPC API that would allow it to inspect itself and report its available methods, sadly.

However, the XML-RPC API is near-identical to the SOAP API, and you can inspect/query the SOAP WSDL to see the methods that it supports - eg:

There's also a reasonably accurate and up-to-date API listing on the public docs:

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