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I'm trying to have a Base object that has some common methods (save, update, etc). I've tried using Object.create(Base), but could not figure out how to get it to work with module.exports.

How would I assign Base as the prototype of User? Or is there a better way to accomplish my goals?


var Base = require('models/base.js');

var User = module.exports = function(data) {    
    data       = data || {};    
    this.fname = data.fname || '';
    this.lname = data.lname || '';
    this.email = data.email || '';    

 * Takes a response from FB and convert it to object
User.prototype.importFacebookData = function(result) {

    this.fname      = result.first_name || '';
    this.lname      = result.last_name || '';
    this.name       = result.name || this.fname + ' ' + this.lname || '';
    this.email      = result.email || '';    


var Base = module.exports = function() {


Base.prototype.save = function() {
  // Some code for saving to DB
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Try this:

User.prototype = new Base();

Not at a machine I can test it on right now, but theoretically that should work.

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Thanks for the awesome one liner. Now I feel really dumb that it was so easy. –  Shane Stillwell Sep 10 '12 at 19:55
Meh, no problem. I've had to ask why X isn't working and then was asked "why do you have brackets around it if it's not supposed to be an array?". We all have those moments. –  Stephen Sep 10 '12 at 20:04

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