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In order to benefit from the flexibility of scripting languages in UI design and file I/O , I want to embed an interpreter into a C++ based app.

I have thought about embedding CPython, since it offers a very nice degree of integration if used with boost::python, but the multithreading issues due to the GIL make me search for alternatives.

I have good experiences with IronPython as a solution to GIL related issues, like reentrant C++ / CPython callbacks where C calls into CPython, CPython then calls into C from a new thread, and C again back into CPython from that new thread, all this a couple of times, while other threads also call into the interpreter. This works flawlessly in IronPython/.NET.

In addition to the GIL issue IronPython also offers good access to WinForms plus all the nice widgets which are avaliable on the web, which is a useful thing to have, sicne in CPython one has to deal with the issue of choosing plus possibly compiling a GUI framework, which is annoying and somewhat limited, but not as problematic as the multithreading issues.

But sometime last year I read something about Microsoft killing .NET, that .NET 4.0 or 5.0 is the last version they'll release, something related to WinRT.

In regard to this last point, would it be smart to stay away from .NET and IronPython and better try to handle the issue with CPython?

I'm OK with being locked in to Windows regarding the .NET integration. Or are there some of you which would like to yell at me if I'm insane, and then give me the reasons and hints to solutions to the GIL related issues?

Kind regards, Daniel

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I can't imagine MS killing .NET any time soon. They'd be hobbling Xbox, WP7, and Metro developers in one incredibly boneheaded move. –  Silas Ray Sep 10 '12 at 20:02