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How can I determine whether a variable exists in Model-Glue II? I'm passing a checkbox (value = 1) via form submission. This done in Controller.cfc within a method that works already for other variables being submitted.

Test A:

<cfif IsDefined("arguments.event.getValue('foobar')")>


Error: Parameter 1 of function IsDefined, which is now arguments.event.getValue('foobar'), must be a syntactically valid variable name.

Test B (assuming M.G. implicitly creates variable with blank/NULL value):

<cfset foo = arguments.event.getValue('foobar') />
<cfif IsNumeric(foo) AND foo GT 0>
  // Code here

Error: Element FOO is undefined in ARGUMENTS.

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According to the MG Docs getValue() should return "any". I'm guessing that means that when something just plain doesn't exist that it returns void.

However, it does have an optional second param to set a default. So you could do this:

<cfset foo = arguments.event.getValue('foobar', -1) />
<cfif IsNumeric(foo) AND foo GT 0>
    // Code here

If you're on CF9 you could also try using the isNull() function. But I do not know if it would work in this situation.

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facepalm How could I forget that optional attribute? – Angry Spartan Sep 10 '12 at 20:28
getValue() actually returns an empty string if the variable does not exist in the Model Glue event – Scott Stroz Sep 11 '12 at 2:39
It's weird that he's getting that error then. Perhaps an older version? – Jason Dean Sep 11 '12 at 4:20



Does a value of the given name exist in the viewstate?




Name (required) - The name of the value to check

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