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I would like to make a drowdown box whenever someone hovers over a menu button, im generating the menu with the KnpMenuBundle.

What i would like to get is a structure like this:


If possible i would like to render a controller from inside the div.

Can this be done?

If i missed something in the documentation please post a link because i have been searching for hours...

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It can be done, and I once did exactly this, but whether this sort of thing should be done using KnpMenuBundle I'm not too sure! Anyway, I achieved this by defining my MenuBuilder class as a service and injecting the @templating service. This doesn't call a controller action as you mentioned, but allows you to render any template you wish...

 * @param Request $request
 * @return \Knp\Menu\ItemInterface
protected function createUserMenuLoggedOut(Request $request)
    $menu = $this->factory->createItem('root');

    $signInItem = $menu->addChild('Sign in', array('route' => 'fos_user_security_login'));
            'id' => 'sign-in-link',
            'class' => 'dropdown-toggle',
            'data-toggle' => 'dropdown',
            'data-target' => '#signin'
            'id' => 'signin',
            'class' => 'dropdown'


    // more menu items...

    return $menu;

If I recall correctly, I think this ended up wrapping the template in an additional <ul>...</ul> but this didn't cause much of a problem after a bit of styling.

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Thanks i will try i right now. Also i just found this: github example, might be usefull for other. And if this should not be done KnpMenuBundle what do you use for your menus? –  MatsRietdijk Sep 10 '12 at 21:03
That would be an example of when I would use KnpMenuBundle, because it is rendering a submenu (e.g. <ul><li>Parent<ul><li>Child 1</li><li>Child 2</li></ul></li><!-- more top-level menu items... --></ul>) for a top-level menu item. If I find myself having to hack the menu too much to control the HTML output I tend to just make it out of good, old-fashioned twig templates. –  RobMasters Sep 10 '12 at 21:16

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