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I am using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel in F# to automate the opening and conversion of a CSV file to Excel workbook for end-users.

When specifying the field info parameter for the OpenText() call in F# using integers, I get a run-time complaint about using integers--they're not XlColumnDataTypes.

let fieldInfo = [| [|1;2|] ; [|2;2|] ; [|3;1|] ; [|4;1|] ; [|5;1|] ; [|6;1|] ; [|7;1|] ; [|8;1|] |]
let xl = ApplicationClass()
xl.Workbooks.OpenText(fileName, StartRow=1, DataType=XlTextParsingType.xlDelimited,
                      TextQualifier=XlTextQualifier.xlTextQualifierNone, Comma=true,
let wb = xl.Workbooks.Item(1)

Error: SafeArrayTypeMismatchException was unhandled: Specified array was not of the expected type.

But when I specify XlColumnDataTypes, I get compile-time complaints that I'm not using integers.

let fieldInfo = [| [|1;XlColumnDataType.xlTextFormat|];
                   [|8;XlColumnDataType.xlGeneralFormat|] |]

Error: This expression was expected to have type int but here has type XlColumnDataType.

Has anyone else ever seen this? Does anyone know a way around this?


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I've edited my original answer to address your specific problem with field information parameter. Enjoy! –  Gene Belitski Sep 11 '12 at 1:30
Could you possibly post some code? Maybe you could possibly share the exact error message--the exact "run-time complaint about using integers"? That is, assuming that @GeneBelitski hasn't already answered your question. –  Onorio Catenacci Sep 11 '12 at 13:04
Thanks, and sorry about the lack of code and error messages. I've added both. –  Jeff Maner Sep 11 '12 at 13:36

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Field information argument of OpenText() for CSV should be a two-dimensional array of System.Object elements, i.e. obj[,], like fieldInfovalue in the snippet below (Excel interop details are available here):

open Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel

let main argv =
    let fieldInfo: obj[,] = Array2D.zeroCreate 2 2
    fieldInfo.[0,0] <- box 1;
    fieldInfo.[0,1] <- box XlColumnDataType.xlTextFormat;
    fieldInfo.[1,0] <- box 2;
    fieldInfo.[1,1] <- box XlColumnDataType.xlGeneralFormat;
    let app = new ApplicationClass(Visible=true)
    app.Workbooks.OpenText(@"C:\test.txt", StartRow=1,
        Comma=true, FieldInfo=fieldInfo)

Now, if you put into c:\test.txt file something like abc,123 it will be parsed into the workbook without problems.

EDIT: FieldInfo can be initialized in more succinct way; instead of 5 code lines above the following array expression will do the same:

let fieldInfo: obj[] = [|[|1; int XlColumnDataType.xlTextFormat|];
                         [|2; int XlColumnDataType.xlGeneralFormat|]|]

Original run-time exception you've encountered has nothing to do with type of array elements as XlColumnDataType is just an enumeration, so for Excel they are integers. What Excel does not like is that you feed it a F# jugged array of type int[][]. If you just force fieldInfo type in your original snippet from F#-inferred int[][] to explicit obj[] this small change will make it work.

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That did it! Thank you so much. Not only did I have to box the values, but I also had to use a mutable array instead of an array expression. I don't understand why I had to do that; but at least my code works now. Thank you so much! –  Jeff Maner Sep 11 '12 at 13:42
@JeffManer: You are very welcome (c: In fact, as this is VB-like interop the same can be achieved with array expression of integers and compiler will do boxing for you. But you should cast XlColumnDataType to int as F# array should have members of the same type. I've edited my code to a more succinct. –  Gene Belitski Sep 11 '12 at 15:24

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