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How can I write a Zend Framework controller plugin that performs HTTP Basic auth (or digest) against all incoming requests? If no authentication details (via the Authorization header) are provided, or authentication fails, I want to return the 401 status code (and not redirect to /login or similar). (The application is a web service; it never returns text/html.)

(A possibly simpler re-stating of this problem is: how do you return user-defined status codes, and inhibit all further processing, from a controller plugin?)

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Do you just want to display an error message and code to the user? –  Mike Moore Sep 11 '12 at 1:44

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I would start with the Zend_Auth component and select either the Http adapter or the digest adapter and I think you would probably want to build the plugin to evaluate the request at routeStartup().

You can then either put the error response in your default controller or you can build/alter the error controller to return the http response in what ever flavor you desire.

Good Luck

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