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Unfortunately, I have a somewhat complex and private rails app I can't post up, but I'm having a few issues with the Isotope plugin. I've spent several hours trying to get this to work and it's just not working.

I apologize for already posting this up as a ticket: https://github.com/desandro/isotope/issues/259

Just wanted to get this in front of as many people as I could.

What I have is a page with several images, and as you scroll to the bottom, I'm grabbing a JS object of other images to append to the container; I want it to keep appending, much in the way your infinite scroll is.

I'm initializing Isotope on page load, and I've tested and logged the isotopeInstance from this other script. It's grabbing the correct instance, and even updating the number of items correctly, but for some reason, the items are getting stacked in the top left corner, all with top:0px; and left:0px; styles. Also, the height of the containing element stays at its initial height (the appropriate 1665px to hold the first set of images).

Isotope is definitely working on page load, and I'm able to use append to get the items to the bottom of the container without Isotope being involved (e.g. I can have an infinite scroll layout working just fine using Append and excluding the Isotope masonry effect).

Is there any reason why the images are not getting pushed onto the bottom of the container and the height of the container is not being set?

Initial Isotope setup, called on doc ready (coffeescript)

  layoutMode: 'masonry'
  resizesContainer: true

Called on scroll to bottom of page:

$container = $('#photos');
var $new_items = $('#{j render(@images)}');
$container.isotope('insert', $new_items);

Screenshot of appended objects into container (the ones with top:0px and left 0px are the new elements:

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Typically, this happens, as you can see from many other SO posts regarding Ajax loading and Infinite Scroll, when Isotope or Masonry can't find the height and width of the elements to layout properly or the coder forgets to re-initialise Isotope or Masonry when new items have been appended. You can apply Isotope as a callback, just look at the source code with devtools isotope.metafizzy.co/demos/infinite-scroll.html Here's a beginner tutorial which may be useful also haizumdesign.com/… –  Systembolaget Sep 11 '12 at 6:25

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