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I'm using this method to load all achievements description.

[GKAchievementDescription loadAchievementDescriptionsWithCompletionHandler:
 ^(NSArray *descriptions, NSError *error) {
     CCLOG(@"achivements loaded");
     if (error != nil) {
         NSLog(@"Error %@", error);

 } else {
     if (descriptions != nil){
         CCLOG(@"nb %i",descriptions.count);
         for (GKAchievementDescription* a in descriptions) {
             CCLOG(@"image %@ %@ %@", a.title, a.achievedDescription, a.image);
             [achievementsDescDictionary setObject: a forKey: a.identifier];
     } else {
         CCLOG(@"descriptions empty");

I always get a.image = null.


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Actually you can't load images from Game Center.

Just add your achievements Images into your project and use this method with GKAchievementHandler

- (void)notifyAchievementTitleAndImage:(NSString *)title andMessage:(NSString *)message withImage:(UIImage *)image 
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if you can't load the images from game center then what about to create a plist file for mapping "achievements-images"? I used this technique for my game which is similar to 3-in-row to define various types of blocks

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