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I got two wcf services on separate servers. Both defines own clientbase like: public class Channel1 : ClientBase<IService1>, IService1 and public class Channel2 : ClientBase<IService2>, IService2

Now I need to add them a common methods for getting service stats, lets say: public interface IService3{ string GetStats(); }. On each server, there will run application (or service) which will ask for this stats

Is there a way, how can I write Channel1 and Channel2 to accept the IService3 too, so there I just define endpoint in config file? Or must I create own application for communicating with Channel1 and other for Channel2?

If I define IService1 : IService3 and also IService2 : IService3 and a Channel3 : ClientBase<IService3>, IService3, will be Channel3 able to connect to both services (one in a time on each server) depending on EndPoint? (with possibility of NotImplementedException)

My goal is to have only one application (service), which is able to call on separate Services some common methods.

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The solution of having both of your existing service contracts inherit a third shared contract will work as you described. In your example, you will need to make sure IService3 is also decorated with the WCF attributes ServiceContract and OperationContract.

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I finished a few minutes before whole test construction and it really works. –  sasjaq Sep 11 '12 at 12:35

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