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My queue "send_comments" on my heroku app shows 12 items but says "0 of 0 Workers Working". I know that if I want to process the job on localhost I use the following line:

QUEUE=send_comments rake resque:work

How do I do this with heroku?

Thank you.


I'm not sure what this error means, but I get it when running "foreman start"

$ foreman start --trace
21:15:38 worker.1  | started with pid 803
21:15:44 worker.1  | rake aborted!
21:15:44 worker.1  | can't convert Float into String
21:15:44 worker.1  | 
21:15:44 worker.1  | Tasks: TOP => resque:work => resque:preload => resque:setup
21:15:44 worker.1  | (See full trace by running task with --trace)

What does this mean and could this be why the workers are not processing?

This is my Procfile:

worker: env RESQUE_TERM_TIMEOUT=1 TERM_CHILD=1 VVERBOSE=1 QUEUE=* bundle exec rake resque:work
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put the --trace on the rake tast inside the Profile, not on the foreman command itself. –  messick Apr 10 '13 at 17:18

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