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I am new to MVC. and I'm trying to find my way through online tutorials.

being said that,

I have a table A (a1,a2,a_b1) and a table B (b1,b2)

and a_b1 is a foreign key from B.b1.

I generated the List view in Visual studio, using its template. I have access to a1, and a2 fields of table A. <%=Html.Encode(item.a1) %> and <%=Html.Encode(item.a2) %>

but when I try to access the A.a_b1 value (NOT the reference to table B), I only get the reference to an object from table B. Thanks Kirill I don't know what are CodeFirst, ModelFirst or DatabaseFirst. I have these tables, and used visual studio, and Linq to generate the class for tables A and B. so A.a1, A.a2 show up in the object created. and I have A.B, and A.BReference in the fields

I think there should be a way to access the value of the column not the reference. Can you please help me?

I don't want to perform the join, just need the value.

I tried my best to be specific but please let me know if this is not clear.



I used ADO.Net Entity Data Model to generate objects associated with my tables.

In my controller I have :

A sample1=repository.search(id);
string s1 = sample1.a1;
string s2 = sample1.a2;
string s3 = sample1.a_b1; (ERROR)

Instead I have

   sample1.B   (an object of type B)
sample1.BReference  (object of type EntityReference<B>)
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Try accessing via "sample1.a_b1.b1" or "sample1.a_b1.b2" –  Kundan Singh Chouhan Sep 11 '12 at 17:02
Thanks, When I do that, I get a null pointer exception in my View. I think I need to load the a_b1 object, but I don't know how to send it to view. (I'm very new at MVC) –  Athena Sep 11 '12 at 20:37
initialize the a_b1 object in controller and send it to view i.e. "sample1.a_b1 = new b();" –  Kundan Singh Chouhan Sep 12 '12 at 16:03

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Answer for those who ran into the same problem:

I defined a new class A_text that has all the fields of A. (including a_b1)

and in Select, I used :

var result = from pt in db.A
                     where pt.id== id
                     select new A_text
                         id= pt.id,
                         a1= pt.a1,
                         a2 = pt.a2,
                         a_b1= pt.a_b1.id
        return (result.FirstOrDefault());

I'm not sure about the efficiency compared to the


but seems ok so far.

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