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I am using the example in the jqGrid Demos page located in Row Editing > Inline Navigator, but I need to have my add button out of the navigator like in example Live Data Manipulation > Add Row. I have already placed the add button:

<table id="editgrid" ></table> <div id="pagered" ></div> <input type="BUTTON" id="bedata" value="Edit Selected" />

and the event

$("#bedata").click(function(){ jQuery("#editgrid").jqGrid('editGridRow',"new",{height:280,reloadAfterSubmit:false}); });

My question is, what is the name of the event or the configuration of the jqgrid that I have to use, in order to insert the new row directly in the grid like in the inline navigator example whitout the modal form dialog when I click the betadata button?

I have already set the modal property to false, but it doesn't work,

Any help would be really appreciated


The name of the event is addRow, I found it in the inline-editing document.

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