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I've got a query that works fine in the terminal querying my mongodb collection, however inside of the function that I want to group the data, I'm getting the following error:

> db.twitterhashtags.group({ key: {"text":true}, initial: {sum:0}, reduce: function(doc, prev) {prev.sum +=1}});
    "text" : "spnyc",
    "sum" : 1
// TypeError: undefined is not a function
// at Collection.group.scope (/Users/propstm/Projects/nodeproject/node_modules/mongoskin/node_modules/mongodb/lib/mongodb/collection.js:1341:16)
//at g (events.js:185:14)

This is the line of code that throws the error shown above.

db.collection("twitterhashtags").group({ key: {"text":true}, initial: {sum:0}, reduce: function(doc, prev) {prev.sum +=1}});
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the driver is not following the console convention 100%. The docs have examples of using group.


However if it's a new app and you are using 2.2 you should not use group unless you have to and use the aggregation framework instead.


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