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How would I round down to the nearest integer in MySQL?

Example: 12345.7344 rounds to 12345

mysql's round() function rounds up.

I don't know how long the values nor the decimal places will be, could be 10 digits with 4 decimal places, could be 2 digits with 7 decimal places.

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SELECT FLOOR(your_field) FROM your_table
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Thank you. It was staring me in the face the whole time I was reading about round() . –  d-_-b Sep 11 '12 at 0:33
SELECT FLOOR(12345.7344);

Read more here.

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Try this,

SELECT SUBSTR(12345.7344,1,LOCATE('.', 12345.7344) - 1)


SELECT FLOOR(12345.7344)

SQLFiddle Demo

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SUBSTR will be better than FLOOR in some cases because FLOOR has a "bug" as follow:

SELECT 25 * 9.54 + 0.5 -> 239.00

SELECT FLOOR(25 * 9.54 + 0.5) -> 238  (oops!)

SELECT SUBSTR((25*9.54+0.5),1,LOCATE('.',(25*9.54+0.5)) - 1) -> 239
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