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This just came to my mind while adding a border radius to my <div>. Since the border-radius CSS property works fine in Mozilla, why do we need -moz-border-radius?

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For older versions of Firefox, namely Firefox 3.6 and earlier.

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you were faster just for 30 seconds :) –  haynar Sep 11 '12 at 0:36

There's a (brief) history of using vendor-specific prefixes like this that enable the code to be read more easily by earlier browsers. In the beginning of HTML5/CSS3 support, each browser handled elements differently, so border-radius would be like:

.rectangle {


Nowadays, many modern browsers accept styling like 'border-radius' (for example, the latest Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE9), so as minitech referred to earlier, these stylings are now used to support older versions of modern browsers.

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What do you mean "read more easily"? That's not what vendor prefixes are for... –  minitech Sep 11 '12 at 0:56
I don't mean that they are read more easily by the new browsers, I just mean that when browsers were released they only really accepted the vendor prefixes, so by saying "read more easily" I mean that they could read them. Now these are needed only by older version modern browsers who don't accept the standard. –  streetlight Sep 11 '12 at 1:05

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