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I just downloaded the Eclipse Java EE IDE (64-bit) for Ubuntu 10.04.4. I was trying to install some plug-ins by using Help --> Install New Software. But when I select any site in the consequently appearing dialog-box, the "Next" button is not enabled.

I tried un-installing and re-installing eclipse, getting the tar file of eclipse, even the classic IDE of eclipse, running eclipse as root and nothing seems to work.

Can somebody tell me what's wrong?

P.S. I am attaching a screenshot of the problem "Install New Software Fail!!"

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It looks like the install dialog got squeshed vertically. There should be a big table of stuff to install. Try making the dialog bigger.

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I would say that has to be one of the #facepalm moments. I also ran eclipse with the -clean option and it seemed to show the big table. So anyways, thanks for the tip! –  chaitanya Sep 11 '12 at 16:22

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