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Question is like How the painting works in MONO CAIRO C#?

In my application I am building an House and design is like i have a lists for every part of the house like one list for roof, one list for wall, one list for basement.. once all the lists are ready then I am printing the lists.

This is the function i will be calling to draw the house

public void DrawHouse (Context ct)

as of my knowledge Till the lase statement execute nothing should show up on the UI. But the in my case it is printing as soon as the statement executes.

Please let me know how is it working.

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What is happening is the expected behaviour imo. I'm not sure what house.HouseDrawing.DrawBasement does but I presume it draws to the screen. If that is the case whatever you are drawing will appear when those statements are executed. That drawing will not be permanent on the screen and will need to be redrawn if that part of the screen is invalidated for any reason (eg minimise window, move another window around etc).

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Yes, house.**HouseDrawing.DrawBasement** will draw a basement rectangle on the screen. but my question is when we execute a program sequentially(only one thread), once the control enters to the above function it is not suppose to be responsive till it finishes all the statements in the function. But in my case it is printing the basement once it executes house.HouseDrawing.DrawBasement and then its printing Wall once it executes house.**HouseDrawing.DrwaWall(ct)**. – Veeresh Sep 11 '12 at 5:41
But as of my knowledge it should not print any thing till it competes all the statements in the above mentioned method. please correct me if i am wrong also provide me if there is any documents online. – Veeresh Sep 11 '12 at 5:42
@Veeresh I have not used mono but if it works like any other drawing functions I have used then it will draw as the commands are executed. There is nothing in your function to tell it to hold off drawing until the last statement is executed. How would it know that you want everything drawn at once? Also, why does it matter? – MikeKulls Sep 11 '12 at 20:27

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