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I have these chech boxes in my div But they all are appearing in a 2 lines .

I want to make them vertically , so that only one checkbox will appear in one line and second chek box appear on 2nd line and so on ..

                <g:CheckBox > Article </g:CheckBox>
                <g:CheckBox > Form1 </g:CheckBox>
                <g:CheckBox > Payroll </g:CheckBox>
                <g:CheckBox > TAX </g:CheckBox>
                <g:CheckBox > Import/Export </g:CheckBox>
                <g:CheckBox > Business Consent Form </g:CheckBox>
                <g:CheckBox > HST </g:CheckBox>


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2 Answers

For the HTML Code, you can put this:

input {display: block;}
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For each textbox element, I'd use clear:both; which means nothing to the right or to the left, therefore skip line. Clear is sort of the opposite of float.

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There's nothing to clear since they aren't floated in the first place. Inputs are inline elements per default, so display: inline should be display: block; –  estrar Jul 26 '13 at 22:37
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