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I have the following QString that I want to extract only the access_token value which is "http%3a%2f%2fschemas.xmlsoap....." How to do that?


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Quick and dirty, only for demonstration of QString::section:

QString Data("{...you json data...}");
QString AccessToken = data.section("access_token\":\"",1).section("\"",0,0);

Consider: QString::section is slow and heavy, creating QStringList and converting tokens to RegExp in background. But I still do use it frequently in some cases.

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Check out QJson at http://qjson.sourceforge.net/.

You can easily parse a string into tokenized attributes. From the usage page:

QJson::Parser parser;
QString json = "{your json above}";
bool ok;
QVariant result = parser.parse (json, &ok);
qDebug() << result["access_token"].toString();

Have fun.

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Try this regex:



( subexpression )
Captures the matched subexpression and assigns it a zero-based ordinal number.

[^ character_group ]
Negation: Matches any single character that is not in character_group. By default, characters in character_group are case-sensitive.

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