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I used SetupDiGetDriverInfoDetail to retrive the details of the driver. I used the following code fragment for this. But each time I execute my exe I am getting ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER. How to solve this?

SetupDiGetDriverInfoDetail(hDevInfo, &DeviceInfoData, &drvInfoData, &drvInfoDetail, sizeof(drvInfoDetail), NULL);


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First, read Microsoft's explanation of why the SetupDiGetDriverInfoDetail function might return ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER. Second, write code to call it twice.

Call SetupDiGetDriverInfoDetail the first time with a pointer to a DWORD variable where you will find out how many bytes you need. Allocate memory for a sufficiently large variable and call SetupDiGetDriverInfoDetail again.

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+1 This answer is correct. The OP should make note of this technique of calling a function twice (first to get the required buffer size and then a second time to get the actual data) because it's very common in the Win32 API. His first call should pass a buffer size of zero and expect the insufficient buffer error and the required buffer size to be returned. – Carey Gregory Sep 11 '12 at 16:48
@CareyGregory thanks for your comment Carey. Its useful... – 2vision2 Sep 13 '12 at 10:19

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