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I need to develop a functionality wherein a user can add/edit/delete child nodes and the change is displayed as a tree structure in a different panel. To display the tree structure I am planning to use the D3js tree layout.

But I am completely new to these technologies: d3.js, json, svg, canvas... Can anyone tell me:

  • How can I manipulate the tree?

  • How can I get the click event when a node is clicked?

  • How can I dynamically show the new node add/edit/delete?

Any tutorial for beginners is also appreciated.


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The d3.JS site has a great deal of pretty good tutorials which you can find by navigating the site. There are also a great deal of example visualizations there too.

Here's a good place to start though. Scott Murray has both a deep understanding of the subject as well as an innate ability to communicate this understanding to others.


Try reading through his tutorial as it will explain SVG, .data() and JSON.

Here's a non-interactive tree map code: http://msug.vn.ua/content/d3js/examples/tree/ You'll find it under tree.js.

If you have any questions about that code or the tutorial, comment below and I'll try to answer it.

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