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The situation: I have build a Grid with kendo-ui web (in ASP.NET MVC 3) with the details feature. So the first column has the controls to show/open or hide/close the details views. This works fine, no problems. The quest/problem: I have to move this first column, so that it is the 3rd or 4th column. But before I start to change the source code of kendo-ui web: Does anyone know how to do it without changing the source code?

FYI: I have only the opensource kendo-ui web!

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Changing the position of the toggle expand/collapse icon is not supported out of the box. I think it can be implemented easily without modifying the source code. You need to handle the dataBound event of the grid and move the expand/collapse column (<col>, <th> and <td>). Here is a demo:

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Thanks, it worked. But finding the index by column header content is not working well. You can see it by paging in your demo. So I removed the index finding and set a constant value for the index. That works for me. But your tip saved me a lot of time. – developer10214 Sep 11 '12 at 8:42

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