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How to use sed command to match strings starting with &# in my html file and replace it with space ?

  • Example: &#192
  • Result: space
  • Should be completely replaced by space

It should work for all the HTML codes with three or 4 digits trailing &#.

Basically HTML codes:

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$ sed 's/\&#[0-9]*/ /g' your
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You can replace the &# like this

echo $abc | sed 's/\&\#/ /g'
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> echo "&#192" | sed -e 's_&#_ _g'

in perl:

> echo "&#192" | perl -pe 's/&#/ /g'

in awk :

> echo "&#192" | awk '{gsub(/&#/," ");print}'
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I don't want 192 as result,it should also be replaced with space too – Aayush Sep 11 '12 at 6:30
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yep got it sed -e 's_&#[0-9]*_ _g'

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