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In my Application, activity A is launcher activity, from A it called B and from B it called C, I have such more than 5 activities. In C when I press home button, and again open my app it open C, that is fine in my case. But after pressing home button in C, when it idle for some time and application is killed, after that when I open my app it opens C. But I want to open main launcher activity that time. How can I do this?

A > B > C > HOME button > idle for some time > application killed > open app > C.

In this case I want to open main activity A instead of C.

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and how do you assume that the app is getting killed? It does not happen just because your app is idle for sometime. If it has started from C means it was never killed. An application is automatically killed by the device only when the device is under load and dearth of memory – Vicky Kapadia Sep 11 '12 at 6:09
In ddms logcat, it is showing process <mypackagename> has died. – Mihir Shah Sep 11 '12 at 6:56
@MihirShah Did you find any solution to this? – Shri May 30 '13 at 14:30

Pressing the Home switches you from the app to the home screen, whilst leaving your app running in the background.

Except that when your phone is running low on resources like memory it will start to close apps that are running in the background, so that your phone has enough resources for what you're trying to do now. Games are often amongst the first apps the phone will "kill" to save resources as they often use a lot more memory and CPU than other apps. This is why sometimes your game is stil lrunning paused, and sometimes Android has closed it for you.

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on pressing home ,u have not finished activity it still exists in stack.only it goes to pause so use this.

if you are calling activity B from an activity A.and C from B


use startactivityforresult from A

and again B->C

use startactivityforresult from B

and when you want to exit from C then setResult(i.e. RESULT_OK) and finish C.and in OnActivityResult() in B,check if resultcode == RESULT_OK then again finish B and setresult(RESULT_OK) for A.same procedure will follow to finish A.

this will exit you from the application.and application will start from A not from C.

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You can put android:clearTaskOnLaunch="true" in your manifest for activity A to have the launcher always go to that activity.

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I know that, but I want to open A only when application is killed, not want to open always A after pressing home button. – Mihir Shah Sep 11 '12 at 6:01

if your app is killed by the system i dont think it will start from c. If you are killing it through an task killer app then its a mistake. Force stop it from the app settings and then check.However if killed by task killer app and then from C if you get back to B and it is crashing then check for result code. if resultcode != RESULT_OK then you can handle your code here and save app from crash. if you have not started you activity for result then finish B and A before launching B and c.

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