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i have this url this url

i want rewrite url like this

Please help thanks

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You need to provide a bit more detail in your question. I think you're actually asking 2 questions here. 1. How to replace the lookup by bookId with the bookName, and 2. how to change the URL to something like this: /book/details/{bookIdentifier} – Mike Simmons Oct 3 '12 at 11:05

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Add the following route to your global.asax.cs RegisterRoutes:

            "Book By Name",
             new { controller = "Book", action = "BookDetails" }

And you'll need a BookController with the following Action method:

public Book BookDetails(string bookName)
    // Your logic here to get a book by name and return it

Alternatively you can use the default route and create a Details(string id) action method within a BookController to achieve the same result

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