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So I want to use R to automatically create a folder for the dataset that I happen to be analyzing. Due to laziness, a function is being written to create this folder, analyze the data, and store results into that folder so that they can be looked at later on.

Now if I try to use the aircraft data from library(robustbase):



I get either an error message saying that aircraft does not exist, or (if I load the library), it spits out "dir.create(c( all the data from aircraft))"

How should I be writing this so that a new folder is created with the dataset names every time I change dataset?

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Albort, that's not laziness. That's intelligence: make the software do boring, repetitive tasks for you! –  Carl Witthoft Sep 11 '12 at 11:30

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From what I can understand something like the following will work

mydata <- data.frame(x=1:10)

analysis <- function(object){

# will create a directory 'mydata' as a subdirectory of the current working directory.

Look at ?match.call for how this works!

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The general R idiom for this is deparse(substitute(....)).

analysis <- function(object, create = FALSE){
  dirname <- deparse(substitute(object))
  if(create) {

> mydata <- data.frame(x=1:10)
> analysis(mydata)
[1] "mydata"

Note that I changed the function to not create the dir automagically, in case people are testing and this clobbers an existing dir. To show it is working, I get it to return the dirname. In practice you won't need anything from the if() onwards.

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