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This is a two-level issue, hope the first one solves the second one.

1) I'd like to be able to save a new object through a script with something like

@file ="/path/to/image.png")
@user = => "SomeName", :avatar => @file)

But sadly, it only responds a

#<User @values={:name =>"SomeName"}>

... so I tried:

@user = => "SomeName", :avatar => "/path/to/image.png")

but I got:

CarrierWave::FormNotMultipart: CarrierWave::FormNotMultipart

I need to get the script working because I need import several thousand users :S

It does work PERFECTLY only when a new User and Avatar get posted via the html form, but not upon an update, which takes me to

2) Once a User exists I cannot change the avatar my simply doing in my controller


I guess the problem is that I am not telling carrierwave all that it needs... but I'm quite lost. :(

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So, this is old. But still, hope it helps someone:


RUN SAVE after the update. That's it!

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