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i have a little problem with my trigger. i created a trigger:


IF((SELECT `Wert` 
    FROM parameter_history 
    WHERE `BusNr` = NEW.BusNr AND `MesswertNr` = NEW.MesswertNr 
    ORDER BY `Timestamp` DESC LIMIT 1) != NEW.Value) 

    INSERT INTO parameter_history (`BusNr`, `MesswertNr`, `Value`) 
    VALUES (NEW.BusNr, NEW.MesswertNr, NEW.Value); 


The event of the trigger is after an update. if there is already a New.Value it works really good. but if there is no New.Value in my database it doesn't work and i don't know why. The problem is, that i can`t get a value back from "NEW.Value" when there is actually no entry in my table. With a MySQL-Programm i got "0 Rows found" and i want to fix this problem.

Can anybody help me?

kind regards

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It would be better if you added the whole trigger code: CREATE TRIGGER ... – ypercubeᵀᴹ Sep 11 '12 at 6:39
i created the trigger by an external programm - heidisql – user1661995 Sep 11 '12 at 6:43
You can run SHOW CREATE TRIGGER trigger_name command to get whole trigger code. – Devart Sep 11 '12 at 8:21

Of course it works if there is already a NEW.value look at your statement,

    IF((select x) != NEW.Value)  // select x only when it does not equal 
//what the current value of New.Value is.

THEN  // preform my insert statement. 
    INSERT INTO parameter_history (`BusNr`, `MesswertNr`, `Value`) 
    VALUES (NEW.BusNr, NEW.MesswertNr, NEW.Value); 


Now consider the case that New.Value does not exist or is empty(null), you are running, select x only when it does not equal ???? .

You are going to get 0 rows returned.

I'm not quite sure what you're building but why not use a default value for New.Value then run a procedure to update it whenever you need, then your trigger will execute after update on a non empty field?

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