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I need to delete file with folder using sql so i am using xp_cmdshell.

My Folder structure is

Folder 2 ----------------------------------------------Folder -3
|                                                         |
files.csv                                               files.csv

I need to delete Folder-1, so that it will delete Folder 2 and folder 3 and the files containing it.

I tried using set @cmd= 'RMDIR "C:\Folder-1'

exec master..xp_cmdshell @cmd

RMDIR needs the folder to be empty. so we need to first delete the file using del command. Then using RMDIR to delete folder 2 and folder 3, then using RMDIR to delete folder-1

Is there anyway to delete the folder with file using single command by xp_cmdshell

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Try RMDIR /S /Q C:\Folder-1

The /S Removes all files and directories in the specified directory/folder. the /Q is quiet mode and will not ask if its ok to delete.


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