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I have a byte array with RTP packets in it.

I am not using a SIP client, I just have the array.

Is there an option to decode the packets in g.729 and then record the voice and save it into a WAV file?

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You can find some help here:

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Where can i find the dll for this code? I have a error that says that it cant find the g729 dll.. – Ofek Agmon Sep 23 '12 at 7:35

you need a g.729 decoder for decoding the payload from the rtp packets. as far as i know audacity is capable of doing this job. extract the raw data from the rtp stream with wireshark and then decode the audio data ... this should work.

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Thnaks, But the thing is I need to do it Programmatically (in C#).. Any Suggestions? – Ofek Agmon Sep 12 '12 at 10:48

Write rtp byte array to a raw file. Then you can convert that file to mp3 by using ffmpeg.exe with g729 decode command.

ffmpeg.exe -f alaw -ar 8000  -i " + rawFile + ".raw " + rawFile + ".mp3 

Above is the command to convert to mp3.

All the best.

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