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Can any help?

I have a standard layout and i have to populate it at runtime with a number of controls/views i.e. TextView / EditText depending on the number of products that come back from a REST service.

Of course the control i wish to add to the layout at runtime needs to contain a number of views (textview, edittext) etc... I was thinking a custom control to bring all the controls i need I am unsure.

The other idea i had was to inflate and existing XML into my layout but i am unsure if this is possible or if it was or would i control the ID names - inserting more than 1 would cause duplite id's?

I will try and explain in detail what i am trying to do, we can wrap it in a for loop for test which would count form 1 to 5 hence 5 controls would get populated on my layout.

The custom controls would have a TextView which describes the product, The Edit text where the user can enter freely the amount in numbers using the virtual keyboard and a spinner control to the right of the EditText which would allow the increasing of the EdtiText value.

So all pretty simple eh ? :-) but of could i class all these controls as 1 specific view and i need to a number of them on my layout hence if there were 5 products there would be 5 custom controls, each custom control contain controls i.e. TextView, EditText and Spinner.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? I am lost, i know it must be easier but....

The examples i have seen have been inheriting from VIEW but i need my VIEW (CUSTOM CONTROL) to be a container for a number of other controls and then later be able to dynamically add this new custom control onto my Acitivty Layout.

Any help really appreciated.

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What about using a ListView with custom adapter...

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Great, thanks for the info – Martin Sep 12 '12 at 6:36

You may want to use a ListView with a custom Adapter, and update the adapter with the information from the service.

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