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I have a login.php file

  <div class="content tabs">

then flush that login.php to the output html file

        switch ($temp) {
            case 'php':
                $content = @ob_get_contents();

However, when I check that login.html page which come from the login.php there's

   <div class="content tabs ui-tabs ui-widget-control ui-corner-all">

as you can see the div of login.php got inserted the ui-tabs ui-widget....etc from jquery ui elements.. who did that? which file insert those into the div? It's not in any javascript files, css style sheet. but who?

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it probably tries to convert div class="tabs" to a tab navigation widget –  Alex Sep 11 '12 at 7:09

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These classes are added by the Jquery UI CSS framework. These the default classes added to the top container of each widget.



Hope this helps.

Thanks aks

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OK, I check, certain divs got added by jquery ui, but other divs got ignored. I guess my question is what's criteria in order to be added by jquery ui? –  jason white Sep 11 '12 at 7:16
As Alex Pointed above it tries to convert the container to tab navigation widget. We have different types of widgets defined in Jquery UI like auto complete, button,dialog tabs etc and Jquery UI adds different DOM elements and css based on the type of widget defined. Usually we define such widget types with js ; something like $('.tabs').tabs(); for tab widget. Per my knowledge , jQ UI does not add any classes of its own unless specified in one way or other. –  akmsharma Sep 11 '12 at 7:48

well this are the classes which is dynamically added by jquery UI related to functionality you have used.

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