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We developed innosetup installer for our software product (including exe and several dll files). Our product is using mssql. The installer is working in the following way. After our application installation, If there is no SQL Server Express installed on user PC, it start downloading and then installing SQL Server Express from Microsoft.

On Windows 7 and Vista the following problem fired. Although SQL Server Express is successfully installed by InnoSetup, I cannot create (from my software) DB user with admin permissions and also I cannot create the database itself. For this purpose I need to install SQL Server Management Studio (it is not acceptable within the framework of automatic product installation).

SO is it the way to refine our installer? The installer must automatically install SQL Server Express with our application (if it's not installed on Windows system), create database for our application (if it is still not created) and create admin user for our application database (if he is still not created). Thus my application must be able to use SQL Server Express database immediately after installation.

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What version of SQL Server are you using ? You can install the SQL Server from command line and then use the sqlcmd command line tool to create a database. But, you should install SQL Server before, not after your application install, because you can't be sure that SQL Server installation process will request a restart. – TLama Sep 11 '12 at 9:51
Additionally, by default 2005 and up install with integrated security only, and with only the installing user as an admin. So unless you change that via the command line options at install time, you'll need to ensure that your app uses integrated security to connect and does not require admin access to the database. – Miral Sep 12 '12 at 9:20

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