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I have SugarCRM running and able to log in and out using the super admin account. I created a new user with type Regular User and defined it password because I unchecked the auto generation of password.

Even if I change the password through the database I cannot log in. But, if I changed the the type to Administrator that user can now login. Why is that? I want it to be a Regular User only.

Regards, Ronel

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Which version of Sugar are you running? – jmertic Oct 4 '12 at 20:15

In version 6.5.x I have found that there is a problem with password rules. Perhaps this is the case. Go to config.php and look at passwordsetting array. There is a minpwdlenght and a oneupper. Change 'oneuppper' to 'false' and match minpwdlenght to the lenght you want.

This solved my issue.

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