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Well, I needed a php function to crop images. The function should work for single as well as multiple images. The function should crop the images according to the arguments supplied to it. The arguments will be like the destination folder of the image, the crop size and the quality of the cropped image.

This question was supposed to be Answer your own question type. but i accidently posted the question and am including the answer below.

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Are you croping to reduce its size..?? –  Gautam3164 Sep 11 '12 at 7:18
Always the same questions: what have you tried so far? Any specific problem you stumbled upon? Anything worth asking a question about here? –  arkascha Sep 11 '12 at 7:25
@gautamdharmapuri I was going to post the answer as well.. it was a question and answer type –  sohanmax02 Sep 11 '12 at 7:29
Very good.all the best –  Gautam3164 Sep 11 '12 at 7:30
In that case you should have used the "Answer your own question" checkbox to avoid exactly this from happening. –  deceze Sep 11 '12 at 7:31
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$spath = "uploads/"; // This is the folder or directory where the source image is located

$dpath = "uploads/thumbnails/"; // this is the folder or directory where the cropped image should be placed

$filename = "AAB.gif"; // this is the filename of the image which is to be cropped

$height = 300; // this is the new height of the image (Applied after crop)

$width = 300; // this is the new width of the image (Applied after crop)

$jpeg_quality = 75;// this is the quality of the cropped image (if the image is JPEG). It should be between 0->lowest quality and 100->high quality.

$png_compression = 6; // this is the compression of the cropped image (if the image is PNG). It should be between 0->no compression and 9->high compression.

Now we are making the function call.

This works fine for every image (png, jpeg, gif). Even if no jpeg_quality or png compression value are passed Jpeg_quality is set to 75 by default and png compression is set to 6 by default

crop_img($height, $width , $spath, $dpath, $filename);

Another way to make the function call is by specifying $jpeg_quality and/or $png_compression .

crop_img($height, $width , $spath, $dpath, $filename, $jpeg_quality, $png_compression);

You can even use function with either jpeg_quality or png_compression if the images to be cropped are of that particulat format.

crop_img($height, $width , $spath, $dpath, $filename, $jpeg_quality);
crop_img($height, $width , $spath, $dpath, $filename, $png_compression);

If you have multiple images to crop, you can simple call the crop function inside a loop.

  crop_img($height, $width , $spath, $dpath, $row['filename'], $jpeg_quality, $png_compression);

And here goes the function that will do the cropping for us .

function crop_img($height, $width, $spath, $dpath, $filename, $jpeg_quality=75, $png_compression = 6){

$t_width = $width; // Maximum thumbnail width

$t_height = $height; // Maximum thumbnail height

$ext = end(explode('.', $filename)); //getting the extension of the filename(image)

$new_name = $filename; // if you want to give the new name for the cropped image. But since the image is kept under
//thumbs folder, we give it the same name $filename so that it is easier to access

list($w, $h)= getimagesize($spath.$filename); //getting the width and height of the source image

$ratio = ($t_width/$w); //getting the ratio to set proper width and height

$nw = ceil($w * $ratio); // applying the ratio to new width

$nh = ceil($h * $ratio); // applying the ratio to new height

$nimg = imagecreatetruecolor($nw,$nh);

if($ext == "jpeg" || $ext == "jpg" || $ext == "JPEG" || $ext == "JPG"){

$im_src = imagecreatefromjpeg($spath.$filename);

}elseif($ext == "gif" || $ext == "GIF"){

$im_src = imagecreatefromgif($spath.$filename);

}elseif($ext == "png" || $ext == "PNG"){

$im_src = imagecreatefrompng($spath.$filename);


if($ext == "jpeg" || $ext == "jpg" || $ext == "JPEG" || $ext == "JPG"){

imagejpeg($nimg,$dpath.$new_name,$jpeg_quality); //$jpeg_quality 0 -> low quality to 100-> High quality , 75 -> default

}elseif($ext == "gif" || $ext == "GIF"){

imagegif($nimg,$dpath.$new_name); // no quality can be used

}elseif($ext == "png" || $ext == "PNG"){

imagepng($nimg,$dpath.$new_name,$png_compression); // $png_compression is the image compression 0->no compression to 9->high compression

You can find the full tutorial at http://www.prakashchhetri.com.np/blog/?p=5 and demo at http://www.demos.prakashchhetri.com.np/imagecrop/

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Well, +1 for effort. It's not exactly the best code for this out there, and I'm not sure why we need yet another snippet for image resizing, but it's alright. –  deceze Sep 11 '12 at 7:33
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