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We have a semaphore opened by 281 processes, is there any way to get all the pids of these processes?

ipcs -a|grep 67108878

s 67108878 0xcef73014 --ra-ra---- oracle dba oracle dba 281 17:54:58 9:27:30

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Please reformat your example for readability. What operating system? If your system implements SysV IPC in terms of files, the answer probably lies in lsof or pfiles or /proc or similar. (How would you tell which processes have a regular file open on your system?) – pilcrow Aug 6 '09 at 2:24
I am using solaris, but pfiles only shows sockets or files, it doesn't how semaphore. Looks like lsof and /proc doens't have semaphore also. – Daniel Aug 12 '09 at 13:38

On Windows, using the Handle.exe utility from SysInternals, use this syntax:

handle -a SemaphoreName

example for finding the semaphores illustrated in the accepted answer of this question on stackoverflow:

handle -a \BaseNamedObjects\C15F8F92-2620-4F3C-B8EA-A27285F870DC/myApp
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