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I want to have a GUI application which would contain multiple tabs, each with its own Table. I would like to include a search box below the tabs which would filter the currently selected tab. How can this dynamic behaviour be achieved?

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question whats happens with value in "searchbox" in case that in "searchbox" was typed any value and you'll switch to another tab ??? – mKorbel Sep 11 '12 at 8:04
where exactly is the problem (except a little logic, as @mKorbel noted)? – kleopatra Sep 11 '12 at 8:06
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  1. figure one you can to share RowSorter/RowFilter for all JTables in current JVM instance

    • filtering works for all JTables

    • notice there could be performance issue in the case that there is/are JTable(s) contains bunch of rows

    • quite possible for JTables that contains a few (limited number of) rows together

  2. determine (from arrays of tabs) visible tab, visible JComponents(or have to look at SwingUtilities), then remove RowSorter/RowFilter from all JTables instances and then to add RowSorter/RowFilter to the visible an focusable JTable

  3. JTextField for RowSorter/RowFilter should be crated only once times

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