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I have a message being received as a response on an off-ramp. I need to apply two different transforms on this message (no filter required) and send the output of each of the transforms to a different off-ramp.

So basically, my itinerary looks like the following:

On-Ramp --> Messaging Extender (Transform) --> Off-Ramp Extender --> Off-Ramp --> [Here I need to transform the received response to two different messages and send each one to a different Off-Ramp]

I have tried a few approaches but have not been successful. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Ruchitra

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I can think of a couple of approaches:

  • Create an orchestration which sequentially processes the response in each of the two ways
  • Write the response to the message box then create two send ports (with a filter so they will only process the response). This option will let you stop processing to one off ramp without affecting the other.
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