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I am using this javascript function to launch download

function startDownload(url) {
   window.open(url, 'Download');

It works, but i want to block any new tab or new window launch, thanks.

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function startDownload(url) {

    window.location.href = url;

This will start the download in the same page, exactly like when you click a link without any target other than _self.

To force the download of a file, make sure you send the right headers with it:

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="mypdf.pdf";

This will make sure that the file is not displayed in the browser instead of being downloaded. Replace the filename part with the filename you want as default on the save as dialog.

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Sorry if this is a stupid question but where do you put Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="mypdf.pdf";? –  Marcel Jul 14 at 18:49

window.open will open a new window \ tab (depending on user preferences) ... to just download the file use

window.location.href = url;

You can use this if the url returns a downloadable file rather than a web page

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I still have probleme with internet explorer, if i have a .pdf file, it open it and i have un encrypted file on my browser. for chrome and firefox it works very well. –  Vervatovskis Sep 11 '12 at 8:40
Where are you serving the PDF from ? what is the MIME type being sent with the PDF ? what does IE show ? –  ManseUK Sep 11 '12 at 8:42
Thats what i get in IE when i launch the download ›É"¨36k.yš6¢Š(« ä÷§äš Ôø;}êÌ$‘ÍK„¯4QEóH1Ò‡$Å"ä¶*5ÞÒyŸéQEúŒœR‚¯Zšá8â¤q‘EQQàŽ¦ž¤æšsšQ‘TÆàj˜Þz(¢ŠÕÒîÌR)ÏC‌​]Å•È•†é^qQ±]..... –  Vervatovskis Sep 11 '12 at 8:49
I am using a HttpHandler by the way –  Vervatovskis Sep 11 '12 at 8:52

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