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I've some pages with this URL


with a sequential number


and I need to get variable with regex that don't considers first zero so the result should be

<!--#set var="page" value="2"-->
<!--#set var="page" value="3"-->
<!--#set var="page" value="10"-->
<!--#set var="page" value="11"-->
<!--#set var="page" value="12"-->
<!--#set var="page" value="23"-->

any suggestion


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If the regex is acting against the entire page name requested in the URL, I'd suggest using something along the lines of /t_0*([1-9]\d*)_/ and then retrieving numbered group 1.

To clarify that regex:

// around each end are delimiters signifying the regex itself, they are not an active part of the matching.

t_ will match the beginning of the page

0* will match any leading 0's

[1-9]\d* will match any number starting in 1-9, and 0 or more subsequent digits (\d is the equivalent of [0-9], and * after \d means "0 or more")

() around the bit above will make this a numbered group, allowing you to retrieve the match

_ at the end is to ensure that the number match is complete

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This will fail to extract the numbers with leading zeroes. You need an additional 0* outside of the capturing group. –  Tim Pietzcker Sep 11 '12 at 8:26
Indeed it would do, I saw that as soon as I posted. Thanks =] –  bdx Sep 11 '12 at 8:28

will match any integer number greater than zero, dropping leading zeroes.

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