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I want to save multiple rows with single id store in table what should i do plz guide me

for example:

|      table1     |
|id      |name    |
|001(pk) |Ajit    |

|      table2     |
|id(FK)  |address |
|001     |Pune    |
|001     |Mumbai. |

means TWO TABLES are their in table1 id is primary key & table2 id is foreign key

ie: 001 id should multiple address it would be save into table2 but id must be same,

ie: address textbox will generate at runtime

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Put its(id) default value as "001"(you deserve it) using mysql query and then while inserting a new entry leave that column to add as new.

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If you're wanting to link the data in the two tables (i.e. a users table and an addresses table) just use a foreign key.

Your users table:

id | name
1  | Martin Bean

Your addresses table:

id | user_id | address
1    1         Newcastle upon Tyne

This way, the primary key of your addresses table is not dependent on the ID of the users table. And your query to fetch both pieces of data is easy with a join:

    users u
    addresses a ON u.id = a.user_id
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