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I'm reviewing my Azure web role logs and see the following. At some moment in the past the thread that was having RoleEntryPoint.Run() invoked on it threw an exception that was propagated to the caller of Run() and the Azure runtime tried to restart the instance by calling RoleEntryPoint.OnStart(). Now my OnStart() implementation takes several minutes to complete and I see that HTTP requests were being dispatched to IIS while OnStart() was in progress.

Is that the expected behavior? Shouldn't the Azure infrastructure wait till the instance OnStart() completes successfully? How do I make Azure exclude the role from dispatching HTTP requests onto it until OnStart() completes successfully?

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The state of your instance will only change to Ready (and accept requests from the LB) if the OnStart method returns true. Before that its status will be Busy (and not accept requests from the LB) as documented here and here.

There are a few cases where this doesn't apply:

Or could it be that the request comes from processes running locally on your instance? Or from another instance?

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Interesting. The code is running on a live cloud without ignoreRoleInstanceStatus set and requests are definitely from the outside world. – sharptooth Sep 11 '12 at 11:25

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