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I use the SharpVector to convert icon.svg to icon.xaml. This program generate a DrawingBrush like :

<DrawingBrush x:Key="Plus">
    <DrawingGroup xmlns="" xmlns:x="">
      <DrawingGroup x:Name="DrawingLayer">
          <RectangleGeometry Rect="0,0,88.582672,88.582672" />
        <GeometryDrawing x:Name="path3767" Brush="#FF4D4D4D">
            <PathGeometry FillRule="Nonzero" Figures="M36.512901,88.58266L36.512901,51.833165 8.88026306711254E-07,51.833165 8.88026306711254E-07,36.47519 36.512901,36.47519 36.512901,-1.76623310039759E-05 52.069777,-1.76623310039759E-05 52.069777,36.47519 88.582677,36.47519 88.582677,51.833165 52.069777,51.833165 52.069777,88.58266z" />

for all my icons. But now i want to display my DrawingBrush in a Canvas.Background, it's ok with that :

<Grid Background="{DynamicResource Plus}" Height="200" Width="200" Margin="5">

But i want to keep picture proportions stock in the Rectangle Geometry, for example here Rect="0,0,88.582672,88.582672".

How i can do that?


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Try setting the Stretch property of DrawingBrush to uniform:

<DrawingBrush x:Key="Plus" Stretch="Uniform"> 
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