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Is there a free database for venues (such as cinemas, restaurants, cafes, schools, etc.) which have attributes for the venues such as geographic coordinates, name, contact info, address, type or category, etc.

I know that there are alternatives like Foursquare Venues Platform. But Foursquare Venues Platform have limits on the number of results per request and square measure of the bounding box.

I need to get a collection of venues on a large area.

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You should check out GeoNames (www.geonames.org)

It is not a perfect fit for what you are asking, but they do have a downloadable (free or paid) database of locations.
You can import it and then get as much data as you want.

It contains a lot of data, but we found that there is a lot of work to be done cleaning it up (we were using the free version)

Maybe the paid will have less noise.

Do note, that it will not be as complete as what Foursquare or Google places or Facebook has to offer, but if you need to query a large area with many results, it might fit your needs.

They also have an API (Web Services).

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