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Using Python as an example, vim will highlight list, but not collections.defaultdict(list) and len, but not len(). Anyone have any idea what the reason for this is?

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Could you please post the contents of your /usr/share/vim/vim72/syntax/python.vim file? My vim doesn't hilight builtin functions, unless I uncomment the string

"        let python_highlight_builtins = 1

When I do so, both len and len() get hilighted properly.

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How would you like collections.defaultdict(list) to be highlighted? Vim's default Python syntax file doesn't seem to define a syntax group for function calls, only function definitions (pythonFunction). collections and defaultdict are not recognized either. list is highlighted because it's recognized as a builtin (pythonBuiltin).

How would you like len() to be highlighted? len is highlighted because it is recognized as a builtin (pythonBuiltin) but len() is not a builtin: it's a builtin followed by parenthesis. Would you like the parenthesis to be highlighted as well? With the same color? Another color?

You could try to customize /usr/share/vim/vim7x/syntax/python.vim to your needs or look for a "better" syntax file.

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